Forget SEO Clients. How a Pro SEO can make MORE money with Affiliate Marketing

Ok so lately I have been getting more into affiliate marketing. I picked a niche, made a GOOD website, and began the ranking process. This took about 3-4 months to get several #1 rankings, but I was pretty surprised with the results.

So far, its the 20th of Febuary, so 20 days and I have made $12,028.89 so far this month. See the screen shot below.

Now, check this out.

  • I didn’t have to deal with any clients
  • I didn’t have to hear “When will my rankings improve” 20 times a week
  • I didn’t have to worry about a client not doing what I told them to do to help thier campaign
  • I didn’t have to do JACK, except what I am good at. SEO

The point? Screw clients. They are a pain in the ass anyway. Why not switch to affiliate marketing? I mean, on average I charged a client 8-10k a month for SEO. Within 4 months, I am making 12k with ONE site, and I don’t have to put up with the bullcrap. Plus it didnt take even 1/4th the time it would have taken on a client site, because I control everything! Clients just get in the way of you doing your job.

If you are an SEO, and you have a little money to play with, consider affiliate marketing.

I will leave this post open for discussion. Also, I was thinking of maybe writing an ebook on SEO for Affiliate Marketing. Everyone seems to be doing that these days, and most of those books are garbage. Maybe I’ll write a good one, with actual information that works.

Wonder if anyone would buy it? Thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Forget SEO Clients. How a Pro SEO can make MORE money with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Mannnn, your thoughts are my thoughts exactly! Clients are such a royal pain in the ass. I’ve been rapidly drifting away from juggling the campaigns and bullshit associated with humoring clients and their unrealistic demands derived from an inadequate understanding of internet marketing and more specifically: SEO. It’s nice having full control over the situation and it’s also nice seeing the impact of your efforts on websites that have adequately accounted for on-site SEO factors.

  2. Yes, you are sooo right about clients getting in the way. I’ve actually filtered out all my web jobs and mainly do a few a year, if I am really desperate. I would love to learn more about affiliate marketing and would buy your book should you decide to write one. I say yes, please do. I have purchased other ebooks before and your right again, they do not work worth beans.

    Waiting for you to send the word. Thanks!!!

  3. Your right about it’s a pain to just teach the client. To me that feels like most of the work right there. But the problem with doing SEO work for yourself it may take you a while to make money off of your work.

  4. I don’t even know where to start with affiliate marketing… I hear a lot and i read a lot of success stories.. But when you have completely no idea where to start it remains a dream. Right? What would you suggest? Any online resources or training materials? Thanks!

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