Case Study: 2,040 backlinks in 1 day with One Press Release

NOTE: This is an old post. This guide is out of date and I do not recommend you follow it in 2015. I will leave the post up for historical value, but since Google has devalued Press Release links I advice against using this method.

Many people shun Press Releases because they feel they are too expensive and it won’t get the phone ringing. The reality is, press releases are GREAT for backlinks, especially multi tiered backlinks.

With only one press release, I generate a multi tiered pyramid of backlinks to my website. This means, I wrote a press release with backlinks pointed to my website, then thousands of other website republished the press release and republished those that republished . . . and so on.

I ended up with backlinks pointed to my website, and backlinks pointed to those backlinks, and backlinks pointed to those backlinks, for a total of 2,040 backlinks in fewer than 2 days. I will probably acquire thousands more in the next few days.

UPDATE: Only a week later I have over 11,000 Backlinks!!!!

This is a link pyramid in essence, and is very powerful for SEO and Google rankings. I jumped to the first page in ONE day. I used PrWeb to distribute this release. See the video below for my Case Study.

This was accomplished through Prweb, and I recommend them for press releases because I have tried many others and none get the re-distribution like this one does. You can check out Prweb’s plans by
visiting thier website

Dan Henry

Dan Henry is a professional Internet Marketer that made over $500,000 to date by blogging. He regularly speaks at seminars and holds webinars on his methods. Learn more about

31 thoughts on “Case Study: 2,040 backlinks in 1 day with One Press Release

  1. Hi Dan,

    Interesting take on press release submissions. I’m in the middle of testing a new strategy involving press releases @ the moment – will keep you posted of the developments….

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice video, young man. I’m a fan of online press releases and I use PRWeb a lot myself. But I think you’re mistaken by claiming you can get thousands of links from re-published press releases. Most of the re-published press releases are either scraped snippets, or text with the links stripped out. And most of the very small number that publish the links have either redirected them or Nofollowed them. I did a quick check on your own example and only found 1 republishing site that kept the links in (followed), from the first 10 listed on Google. I’ve repeated this check on my own press releases. Very very few sites re-publish your links. So PRWeb is good for branding but won’t generate many links I’m afraid.

    1. We’ll I appreciate the comment but I respectively disagree. This is why:

      First, some of these links are reposted snippets that point to another link that DOES point to my website. This is essentially a multi tier linking structure. I mentioned that in my post. This creates link juice all the way down the pipe. So out of all the re-publishes, some will point back to and some will point to a site that points to, but ALL will help.

      Sure there may be a few here and there that get totally stripped, but that’s just part of the game.

      As far as only 1 site pointing back to me, I have no idea how you came to that conclusion, as it is simply untrue. You can’t just check the first page of Google and think 10 results is an accurate sample size.
      I just ran a check with a tool I use for mass link checking, and out of the first 1,000 results I scraped with elements from my Press Release, over 300 links were intact. So that is a 30% direct link ratio. I then took those links and checked if they linked to any of the previous 300. Over 70% of those pointed to the original 300, giving me a heck of a link pyramid style backlink structure. So my original 300 backlinks were supercharged by other backlinks pointing to them.

      Plus, remember, this was only 1000 sample out of the 30,700 that exist!

      One such link I have is from, a PR 9 website.

      Plus, at the end of the day, I rank #5 for “onpage seo tool” and all I did was 1 press release. Now I am not making any money off this ranking or anything, it was really just a something free I threw out that I thought people would enjoy. However, the use of this press release facilitated a lot of new signups over time for my Link Manager Software, Backlink Inventory. Many people said they recognized me from some Forums and some free tools I have made. So all in all it was very successful and DID create a ton of backlinks.

      When criticizing a case study such as this, you have to really dig in, and not just look at one page. I put a lot of work into making it, so if anyone is going to criticize it, I really think they should put some work into that as well 😉

    1. I bought the most expensive one with the most exposure, but I got a bundle of 17 so it ended up being a lower price per release. After all is said and done, I don’t think you need the really high level one, I think one of the reuglar plans will be just fine if your just looking to get backlinks. Websites re-publish the releases on Prweb, and that how you get your backlinks. The more expensive plans have some options that I really don’t think are needed. A friend of mine that owns another SEO company bought some of the standard ones and got similar results, so next time I think I will go with those and save some money!

  3. Dan – Another question for you. In your professional opinion, how much value do you place on anchor text in a release versus not and specifically referring to PRweb. Would you at least get the package that allows anchor text or backlink versus the $80 or standard release?

    1. Oh you need to place ultimate importance on anchor text. That is the most important aspect. So you atleast need to get the package that allows backlinking and achor text. Sorry I did not make that clear earlier. Yeah I think the lowest price one that allows backlinking is like $120 or something. I purchased a year long package as I have alot of SEO clients to spread them out to, so I am not sure of the individual prices.

  4. Update:
    Dan, thank you. It is because of your site I took the leap of faith and bought a press release. It launched at 3:00am today and I hope it can be added to your case studies. If not, please show me where I went wrong. Thanks for telling us, what other wont and keeping it real. It is boring material so I am not sure if it will reap the same results as your case study.



    1. Well I think you put a bit too many links in the release. 2 or 3 would have been max. Also, you have sent 3 links to the same url with different anchor text. This does not help, because Google will only read and register the FIRST link in on the page to a given url, and ignore the rest. So you are only getting credit for the FIRST anchor text, but you are diluting your link power by stuffing so many links in.

      Also, you are raising a penitential spam flag because of the unnatural way it is linked in the post. Remember, your on-page SEO decides WHAT you rank for, and your off-page SEO decides how WELL you rank. Anchor text stuffing will just get you penalties.

  5. Dan:
    Question. When you got your 2000 link backs from prweb do these stay indexed in google? Meaning, what if a site RSS the news into there site and it is there only temporarily will your back link count drop with time?

    Any insight is appreciated.

    1. Sometimes yes, but it usually works itself out. New ones like that come and go. However, Google keeps backlinks in its log for months and months. A big part of the algo is a steady stream of FRESH backlinks. So even if you lose some, as long as you keep churning them out your rank will keep increasing. Just remember to stay steady!

      1. Hey Dan, I was wondering about that, also. I mean, I realize it’s now 3.5 years later, but I searched it this evening and only got 440 results for the press release.
        So I’m guessing that over time, either the websites archive the press release where it’ll no longer count in the rankings, or that they deleted them after sometime (or, it’s too old for Google to care anymore)?

        1. It’s probably more just less “featured” results. When a post or release is new, it is often included on “recent posts” pages and homepages. Obviously, as time passes, those pages get new results and post and those links and results are not included anymore.

          However, I highly recommend forgetting this tactic now. Focus more on true editorial links.

  6. Yo Dan, been lurking around your website all morning after I came across this post. Now that you’ve vouched for their paid press release service, I’m going to have to drop some dough and see what’s good. Also, I enjoyed reading your “About” page as your backdrop is strangely reminiscent of my own life.

    1. Thanks man! Things are goign insane for me right now, I am sorry I havent updated the blog in a bit. I am getting ready to sell one of my affiliate sites for a cool million! I will be writing a post on that soon!

      P.S. Go for the releases! They rock!

  7. Dan,

    I’ve been reading through your site and found a lot of helpful information. I looked up Scott’s link above and he didn’t seem to get as many backlinks as you did. Do you think you could look over his and give any suggestions as to why that may have happened and what we should be doing instead?


    1. Well it depends on the release. The subject matter dictates how many sites will pick it up. His release was on prayer, whereas mine was on SEO. There are way more active SEO sites on the internet than religious sites from a republishing perspective.

  8. Hey Dan. First time visitor here. Love the article. I’m trying to juice the SEO of my websites without hiring a company. MY QUESTION: Approximately what percentage of the 2040 back links you got in a day were actually ‘follow’ links as opposed to ‘no follow’? I am considering PR Web and an answer would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi,

    We are planning to launch our website and as a launch we are planning to publish Press release at but they are charging more than $369 for one single PR. Is that worth to pay and go for a trial. It’s good amount. so i just came through your post and looking forward for your suggestion. if you say yes then i might think to invest for getting back links and some sale. pls suggest honestly.


    1. I don’t think it is worth it anymore. Google has devalued pres releasing lately. This video was made when Press Releases were recognized in a better light by Google. Not so much that they are worth nothing, but they are not worth $350!!!

  10. Dan,

    There was this release of mine which got syndicated across 54 publishers which included Yahoo News.

    One of the anchor text was on the 5th page of G. All it has jumped till now is till the 4th page.

    What was the time frame in which you saw this jump for your keyword? This release of mine got published on 26th.



    1. Well, if you got a whole page worth of rank increase off one press release, I would say that is pretty damn good for only one release!

  11. Hi Dan,
    in a nut shell u mean tier backlinks are still the best way to get lot of backlinks prone to google updates. I am an avid supporter of PR distribution. every small business must have this strategy in their SEO campaign.

    1. Well nowadays I recommend 100% natural link building, in other words, you earn links through email outreach. However, I really don’t see anything wrong with a press release, I just think Google has devalued them as of late.

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