Why you need No-Follow backlinks!

So many people make SEO really complicated. They read about No-Follow vs. Do-Follow Backlinks, outbound Backlinks on a page, domain Pagerank vs. actual page Pagerank, etc. Stop the madness!

What you guys are forgetting is that Google’s algorithm is meant to detect “Natural” link building. Google gives Natural Linkage the most power in the SERPS. If you are only getting Do-Follow Backlinks with less than 20 outbound links on a page with a PR of 4 or more, you’re probably not going to beat your competitor that has those Backlinks, PLUS a bunch of PR 0 No-Follow Backlinks.

You need No-Follow Backlinks

Natural linkage has a mixture. I recall when I first started in SEO, we had a client that could not get above #5 for their main keyword on Google. They had PR 6 Do-Follow Backlinks out the wazoo, while their competitors only had a few high PR back Backlinks. However, their competitors ALSO had a ton of crappy little PR 0 Backlinks and a ton of No-Follow Backlinks.

So, we started commenting on No-Follow WordPress blogs, and throwing a ton of No-Follow Signature Backlinks from forums at our Client’s website. Guess what happened? Two weeks later they were #1 on Google for their main keyword.

You see, all those supposedly “low quality” backlinks actually give your high quality backlinks more power. The more diverse and “mixed” your backlink structure is, the more power your High Quality Backlinks will have.

Don’t ignore No-Follow blogs, forums, and Web 2.0 Communities.

Hell, I remember one website I owned that I had abandoned for about 6 months. It was stuck on page 2 of Google for a long time. I began commenting on about 15 Squidoo pages that resulted in 15 No-Follow links. I saw rankings shoot up almost immediately, and nothing else but the Squidoo comments was done to that website. The website ended up at Number 4 on Google about three weeks later.

A perfect SEO plan is one that is intentionally imperfect. Natural linkage is far from perfect. So stop being a perfectionist! Sort of . . .

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  1. Thanks for clarifying the no follow links. I will now include them in my seo efforts.

  2. Thanks for sharing The articles, it give an Idea, I will my start an SEO campaign with a no follow Blog

  3. I try to use a mix of Do Follow and No Follow, with more emphasis on the Do Follow links.

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