Coming Soon: The Ultimate Whitehat SEO Manual

That’s right folks. I’m finally doing it. I will be releasing The Ultimate Whitehat SEO Manual very soon. This will be a ebook/video series that explains how to do completely whitehat SEO that kicks the shit of of ANY blackhat techniques, AND will NEVER get you banned from Google. I think after this last Google update, it’s time for people to start doing things the right way.

I recently had a website I own jump to the #5 position for a million+ search term. All the competitors that were previously on the first page had vanished, and when the dust settled, there was little old me, the guy that doesn’t cheat. Awww, I feel so bad for them. NOT!

So to give you guys a preview, I’m going to include a little excerpt from one of the chapters. This is an introduction to REAL Blog Commenting, not Spamming.

Blog commenting:

 The goal of this task is to comment on related blogs to your industry. The comments must be genuine and contribute to the conversation. The best way to get a comment approved and to further correspondence is to ask a question in your comment that you think others would love to know. Don’t think about “getting a link” here, just think about participating in your industry and it will all fall into place. Don’t worry about pagerank and all that. Just look for blogs with decent Alexa rankings. I will show you more about that later.

When deciding what anchor to use, always check the existing approved comments. If the blog is approving comments that have anchor text, then go ahead and use anchor text. If all the approved comments are people’s names, then just use your name. Don’t worry about optimized anchors and nofollow/dofollow. You need imperfect diversity, and this is where you will get it.

Also, try to comment on posts that are less than 2 weeks old. You will have a better chance of getting them approved, and once you are approved for one comment, the blog owner may automatically approve your comments for other pages on his blog. Now you can comment on older posts and starting participating in his blog regularly. Just keep it useful and relevant. Always be passive, never get into an argument, and if someone calls you out or pisses you off, just be apologetic and passive. Once you say something, it’s there forever.

You can keep track of what blogs approve your comments by using my software, Backlink Inventory.
Also, remember that if you genuinely contribute useful comments to a blog with a large readership, and you look like you know what you are talking about, you will get tons of traffic to your blog from people that find what you have to say interesting.

Make sure once you get a comment approved on a site, you stick with the same anchor, email, and URL.
 If you can’t use an optimized anchor, try to use your company name, most blog owners will let you get away with this. Try to build a relationship with the blog owner and other frequent commenters. It will pay off.
 Always use an Avatar through Gravatar.

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  1. If this is a sample of what is to come, I am super excited for the rest! Ever consider opening a subscription based white hat SEO club instead of an ebook? With SEO always evolving, new things may come up that would be great to know right from the start. Just a thought. Thanks Dan!

    • Victor

      You’re right, it is a constant evolution. In my opinion, go with the ebook and forget the hassles of dealing with a community, unless you’re going to start the next bhw, whw style =P

  2. Victor

    “I think after this last Google update, it’s time for people to start doing things the right way.”


    With Google cleaning up the SERPs, it’s about time we start going legit – no question about it. I had some websites that I never got around to linking up so they were simply sitting, pulling virtually nothing, and when the latest update was unrolled… what do you know, they’re suddenly pg1 pulling hits and making dough. Did I move up? Nah, the competition moved down. All the cheaters got slapped out of the niche and left my legitimate properties in the hit zone.

    The upside of all this: a lot of us learned some valuable lessons pertaining to the temporal nature of the techniques we were utilizing to achieve success. With Google actually stepping up to the plate and mitigating the efforts of those cheating, I’ll gladly pull my sh*t together and go whitehat.

    R.I.P. blackhat marketing software, you will be missed.

  3. Carole G.

    Hi Dan,
    Just out…

    new Google panda update that is targeting webspam. It goes on to say the importance of white SEO. Hope your book is coming soon! I think people will be scrambling to try and do as much as they can with white hat.

    • Dan Henry

      Yeah I have a good portion of it done. I wll let you know when it is alomost ready I promise! Now is the perfect time!

  4. A lot of patience is definitely required at times for white hat SEO, but it’s definitely worth it for the long-term benefits. Succeeding online, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint.

  5. With SEO always evolving, new things may come up that would be great to know right from the start. Just a thought. Thanks Dan!

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